Adele Botha - Book Contributor

Adele Botha

Transformation Manager at Change Healthcare
Adele Botha
London, UK
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Adele Botha has 14 years of Healthcare Industry Experience. The first 7 years spent in a clinical capacity and the latter 7 years in the Healthcare IT-specific sector, where she had the opportunity to work both on the Provider side as well as the Vendor Supplier side.  This has allowed her to work cross-functionally and gain experience in Programme Management, Implementation, Business Strategy, Operations Management, Procurement, Customer Experience, Sales and Marketing as well as Business Consulting.

She takes a 30,000ft top view to find where these key areas overlap and intersect to identify opportunities for innovation, across industries.

Adele is passionate about empowering people to build businesses from a place of inspiration to solve real-world problems with a creative and innovative approach.

She has spent the last 3 years combining her psychology and business experience to coach and consult both large corporates as well as startups on innovation design and leveraging technology and strategic partnerships to scale and gain a competitive advantage.

As an Executive MBA Alumnus from Hult International Business School, she has been actively involved as a guest speaker, judge and mentor for MBA's during their final year Business Challenge Capstone Projects and Startup Judge for Hult Prize.

- When experience is your teacher, there is nothing you can't learn.

"When experience is your teacher, there is nothing you can't learn."